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Spoken English is different from the written one - and from what we learn in most language schools. Some sounds are not pronounced, others are added in. Some letters are joined together and some are not. Some letters sound like something else. Here you learn all those secrets to speak and understand well.
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Pronouncing in English Course

The Aus & NZ Accent e-book

Pronunciation Analysis

In this course you’ll learn pronunciation techniques in 4 modules that will transform the way you speak. This course is taught in English by Mike, an experienced American English teacher.


In this course you’ll learn pronunciation techniques in 4 modules that will transform the way you speak. This course is tailored to Brazilians and he modules are taught in Portuguese by Jordana.

This is an e-book that will teach you phonetic nuances of the New Zealand and Australia English. The goal of this e-book is to help you understand better the English spoken by Aussies & Kiwis.


Sometimes all you need is a direction so you know what to focus on when studying by yourself.

If you have trouble be

Nice to Meet You
Hi, I'm Jordana, the founder of Remarks English.

Hi, I’m Jordana. I’m a Briwi (Brazilian-Kiwi) teacher with over 10 years experience teaching literacy.

I’m originally from Brazil, but have lived in New Zealand for over 10 years. When I first moved to New Zealand I had just completed a Bachelor of Education in Brazil and wanted to teach here. I spoke English fluently, but still had a VERY difficult time getting a job at a school. After all, I was going to be teaching native children to read and write, communicate with the local families, and I was competing for a job with local teachers who not only had English as their first language, but who also had trained here. At the time I was told it was going to be impossible. Of course it wasn’t. But it was only when I improved my spoken English that I started performing well in interviews and was able to achieve my dream job – have my own classroom in NZ, and teach in a language that wasn’t my first one. 

There are tons of English schools and teachers out there, but when people achieve a certain level of English they don’t need regular English lessons. They need a voice coach, who can teach them specifics about pronunciation and sounds. This is very expensive and not accessible to everyone. Here at Remarks we make it easy for everyone to learn spoken English and be on their way to achieve their English goals.

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